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Words are arranged on the page like strokes on a canvas and may be chosen for their visual or tonal structures over their literal meaning. Tristan tzara april 16 1896 december 25 1963 is the pseudonym of sami rosenstock born in moinesti bacău romania.

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Tristan tzara bio born in moldavia in 1896 but spending a large part of his life in france tristan tzara was a poet and performance artist who had a role in many of the great movements of the early 20th century including symbolism cubism and the avant garde.

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Tristan tzara poems.
Still i rise the road not taken if you forget me dreams annabel lee.
In response to the alienation and absurdity of world war i and the staid unimaginative art forms predominant in europe during that.
Tristan tzara is remembered as a proponent and theoretician for dadaism an intellectual movement of the world war i era whose adherents espoused intentional irrationality and urged individuals to repudiate traditional artistic historical and religious values.

Tristan tzara born samuel or samy rosenstock also known as s.
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A poet and essayist who lived for the majority of his life in france he is known mainly as a founder of dada a nihilistic revolutionary movement in the arts.

In this sense tzaras ideas can be partially conveyed by his original text even to those who dont speak french.
Art is going to sleep for a new world to be born art parrot word replaced by dada.
Poems by tristan tzara.

Born samuel or samy rosenstock.
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April 16 1896december 25.

The first poem bilan assessment has an aesthetic focus.

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