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Taken to the extreme it is possible to create a tongue twisters where all the words have the same sound but varying only in their tones. Shi and shih are romanizations of the character 詩 or 诗 the chinese word for all poetry generally and across all languages.

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His brother su zhe 蘇轍 and his father su xun 蘇洵 were both famous literati.

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Shi poems.
Su shis courtesy name was zizhan.
Su shi was born in meishan near mount omei in what is now sichuan province.
His pseudonym was dongpo jushi from which he is often also referred to as su dongpo.

Lion eating poet tongue twister essay.
This is a real chinese poem from yuen ren chao.
While tongue twisters in all languages take advantage of similar sounding words and syllables to generate confusion some chinese tongue twisters also take advantage of the fact that chinese is a tonal language.

In western analysis of the styles of chinese poetry shi is also used as a term of art for a specific poetic tradition modeled after the old chinese works collected in the confucian classic of poetry.
Although shi is a general term for poem it describes especially a type of regulated poem that was very popular during the tang period 唐 618 907 and has been in use until today.
Besides the songs and hymns in the shijing 詩經 the book of songs the earliest kind of shi poetry is the gushi 古詩 old poem type during the han period 漢 206 bc 220 ad.

In a stone den was a poet called shi who.
Su shi was the greatest writer of song ci lyrics often celebrating the joys of relaxed and transitory pleasures.
Each poem indexed below appears in characters pinyin and literal and literary english translation.

Alternatively the english translations are collected on one page here.

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