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The verb is to scan. To scan is both an intransitive and a transitive verb.

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Scansion is the process of marking the stresses in a poem and working out the metre from the distribution of stresses.

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Scansion poems.
A good metrical poem scans meaning that its meter follows the rulesand also we scan a poem when we mark its meter.
Scansion demonstrates variation and regularity in poetry.
Hope is the thing with feathers by emily dickinson hope.

Scanning a poem also known as prosody is the process of marking the stresses in a poem.
Mark can be taken to mean both notice and annotate the latter often done with a u for an unstressed syllable and a slash for a stressed one.
Here is an example of scansion in poetry.

Scansion is also frequently referred to as scanning.
Start by preparing the poem for.
You will need to note where the sound is stressed when the poem is read aloud.

You may need to scan a poem for a class or decide to try it to deepen your reading of a poem.
In this lesson well explore the process of scansion which allows us to break down the rhythm of poetry using visual clues.
Scansion of annie finchs poem landing under water from the readers guide to her book calendars available for free download here.

Moreover it makes a poem pleasurable as well as more meaningful by marking the stressed and unstressed syllables.
Scansion describes a poems rhythm through things how lines or verses are broken up into feet indicating the existence of syllable patterns stressed or unstressed counts and meter.
It also proves very helpful in determining the natural rhythm of a free and blank verse.

Patricia beers poem the conjuror might be taken as an example.
Usually its pretty easy to hear the rhythm in poetry but describing that rhythm is another matter entirely.

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Poetry Rhythm And Meter Writing Forward

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