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Monoclonal gammopathy or m proteins. Numbness tingling and weakness in your legs and over time maybe in your hands and difficulty breathing.

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Possible associations include pulmonary hypertension restrictive lung disease thrombotic diatheses arthralgias cardiomyopathy and low vitamin b12.

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Poems disease.
Poems syndrome is a paraneoplastic disorder which means that the signs and symptoms of the syndrome appear as a manifestation of the plasma cell disorder that the patient has most patients are seen with osteosclerotic myeloma or monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance.
Poems syndrome polyneuropathy organomegaly endocrinopathy monoclonal protein skin changes is characterized by the presence of a monoclonal plasma cell disorder peripheral neuropathy and one or more of the following features.
Osteosclerotic myeloma castleman disease angiofollicular lymph node hyperplasia increased levels of serum vascular endothelial growth factor vegf organomegaly endocrinopathy edema typical skin changes and papilledema.

Poems syndrome a condition that causes nerve weakness an enlarged liver or spleen darkened skin and excessive hair growth.
Poems stands for these signs and symptoms.
Polyneuropathy organomegaly endocrinopathy monoclonal gammopathy and skin changes poems syndrome is a rare multisystemic disease that occurs in the setting of a plasma cell dyscrasia.

Poems syndrome is a blood disorder that affects many parts of the body and causes many symptoms.
The name poems is an acronym for some of the diseases major signs and symptoms polyneuropathy organomegaly endocrinopathy myeloma protein and skin changes as is pep polyneuropathy endocrinopathy plasma cell dyscrasia.
It affects both men and women and usually begins after age 50 although it may occur at any age.

Endocrinopathy disease affecting certain hormone producing glands that help to regulate sexual function and certain metabolic functions.
The interconnections between poems syndrome osteosclerotic myeloma and castlemans disease are still under investigation.
Poems syndrome is a rare blood disorder that damages your nerves and affects many other parts of the body.

Its main features include polyradiculoneuropathy organomegaly endocrinopathy monoclonal plasma cell disorder and skin changes.
Organomegaly abnormal enlargement of an organ.
Enlarged spleen liver or lymph nodes.

Poems is an acronym that stands for polyneuropathy disease affecting many nerves.
Poems syndrome is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome that is caused by an underlying plasma cell disorder.
It is not known exactly how often poems syndrome occurs because it is difficult to diagnose correctly.

However the mechanism by which this occurs is unknown.
A rare blood condition that causes nerve damage enlarged organs like liver or spleen changes in hormone levels and skin color among other problems.
The pathophysiologic link between the constellation of symptoms and the underlying disease is not well understood but the link may be related to changes.

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