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Mcfee has written a whole book made up of monostich the smallest talk and so he is likely much interested in the form and its function. But its the body of the poem that must form a true sentence.

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By one sentence poems i dont mean very short poems like the one line poems michael mcfee discussed in his feb.

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One sentence poems.
Your poem must be a true grammatical sentence.
Poems made up of a single grammatically correct sentence with at least one line break.
Students return to their own.

One sentence poems is edited by elizabeth mcmunn tetangco and dale wisely.
You can try it yourself by taking a random article and using random phrases.
Edgar hix why i use a nightlight one sentence poems.

John keatss bright star would i were stedfast is a one sentence poem as are william carlos williamss the red wheelbarrow wallace stevenss the snow man and linda pastans the new dogbesides being six to twelve lines long your poem should have two or more stanzas.
2008 article in the awp writers chronicle.
Afterward the class analyzes syntax imagery and meaning in a chosen one sentence poem by a canonical author to decide what makes it a poem.

Students are given a picture and asked individually to describe the picture in one sentence of less than twenty words.
Use correct punctuation and capitalization.
We publish one sentence poems one at a time.

We publish a poem on this website a few weeks after it is accepted.
Write a poem that is six to twelve lines long and contains only one sentence.
I was talking to a friend today about one sentence poems i love.

Ranked poetry on one sentence by famous modern poets.
Words from this poem was taken from the thought catalog post on 40 freaking creepy ass two sentence stories by michael koh.
Poems about one sentence at the worlds largest poetry site.

Edgar hix why i use a nightlight i want to see the boogeyman when he comes to get me to find out if he looks like a mirror.
As you might guess we publish poems consisting of a single sentence.
Steve klepetar good lovin a man wakes up after getting bumped on the head discovers hes the only person on earth who remembers.

The young rascals belts out good lovin.
Edgar hix is still watching this and that and writing about it.
The poem may be titled or not.

Learn how to write a poem about one sentence and share it.
Edgar hix is up now on one sentence poems.
At present we publish one poem at a time every other day.

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