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Of course beauty is always in the eye of the beholder they say but this poem conveys a certain truth we all know or hope exists and we all long to have it in our lives. And like death love seems to be something most poets know little about.

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The most beautiful poems in the english language in my opinion include.

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Most beautiful love poems.
It gives us a short glance how life should be sweet and passionate.
We cant all be married to the most beautiful woman in the world a fact even william shakespeare was willing to admit in this sonnet.
Its that poets have learned to do what most of us dream.

I grant i never saw a goddess go.
Whether its the love of friendship described between gilgamesh and enkidu or the romantic love homer describes between penelope and odysseus or paris andhimself poets have been writing about love for a long time.
The poems i have chosen this time cover the full spectrum of responses to love from joy to anguish and sometimes a mixture of both.

They have learned to capture emotions and express it by painting vivid imagery and emotion via words.
The poems opening words inspired the title of the 2009 keats biopic starring ben whishaw and abbie cornish.
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And yet by heaven i think my love as rare as any she belied with false compare.
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To me personally the following poem is.

Since theres been poetry theres been love poems.
With its innovative use of imagery keats poem is often marked as one of the most beautiful and unique love poems of all time.
Do you know one of the best kept secrets of love poems.

For evidence see their biographies.
Go lovely rose by edmund waller sweet rose of virtue by william dunbar a red red rose by robert burns the darkling thrush by thomas hardy dover beach by matthew arnold song for the last act by louise bogan to earthward by robert frost voyages by hart.
My mistress when she walks treads on the ground.

This time i choose a topicloveless grim if equally compelling.
The most beautiful love poem in the world.
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