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It is a small window into the feelings that she brings out of me. Some were familiar emotions and plenty of them relatively unknown.

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Being with you makes me feel alive.

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Love of my life poems for her.
I wrote this poem for the love of my life.
Romance is always connected with various love poems and sonnets.
The great joy of my life the pulse of my heartbeat my dear lady you make my life complete.

Ill be the warrior to fight for our love.
I dream of a woman clothed in white.
My angel my life my entire world please be with me always my one and only girl.

Your cuteness knows no bounds your beauty has no limit you are the only woman in the world.
You dont need anymore to face the risk if you want to tell your girlfriend about your love.
Best love poetry for him.

Shes a gift and a prize.
She may be very pretty but nothing like the great beauty on the inside.
You always on my mind.

Love poems for her 1.
She has come in and out of my life for over twenty years now.
Fate has brought us together we will never be apart.

You never let me down.
This heart of mine is where youll always reside.
You are the love of my life poem by dharthisha naidu naidu.

You take my hand and comfort me.
Cute love poems for her.
One of the famous poems about true love from.

She lightens up my world and i love her to the sky.
She is the greatest lady i have ever met and she makes my heart sing.
Every time i say i love u best poem for him.

Wherever life takes me she is the love of my life.
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Romantic poems for her will capture the heart of even the most unattainable girl.
You are my man.
Girlfriend poem to the love of my life a poem i wrote this piece for my angel from above.

I love you so much and shudder to think how incredibly miserable life would be without you by my side.
You say the sweetest words ever told.
And in that moment there was nothing i could do.

She was there when no one else was.
Romantic poems for her.
The way my heart beats for you makes me believe our love will thrive.

She is an inspiration to me and helps me be a better man.
I fell deeply in love the first time i saw you.
I let my heart unbend.

There is love in my life new short poem for him.
Our love is strong it echos in my heart.
Love poems collection the love of my life.

You are the reason.
I need her in my life.
You make me smile when no one can.

But its not about those corny and vulgar lines about the relationship between two people.
I always knew that i loved her but did not realize until recently that she was the only woman that i have ever truly loved.
The cherry on my sundae the stars of my night the light of my day you make everything all right.

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