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Said his mother drawing water. By and by the room grew chilly because no one wanted to poke up willie.

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Little willie is the hero of a number of short funny grisly poems that were written almost 100 years ago.

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Little willie poems.
Willie with a thirst for gore nailed the baby to the door.
Little willie poems willie in his roguish way tipped grandpa on the fire one day.
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Little willie in his heart is a sailor on the sea.
Little willie poem by eugene field poem hunter.
Little willie feeling well pushed his sister down the well.

There are many earlier little willie poems but they not only tend toward the sentimental and maudlin they often proclaim the moral excellence of willie.
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Willie in his roguish way.

It rained willie seven days.
Willie in the best of sashes fell in the fire and burned to ashes.
Little willie poem by eugene field.

I was in the third grade when we ran into some little willie poems by harry graham they were unlike anything we had heard before and we could hardly believe they were in books put together by adults.
They were first published around the turn of the last century in his book ruthless rhymes for heartless homes.
And it is the first little willie printed as a standalone bit of humor again that i have found.

When willie was a little boy no more than five or six right constantly he did annoy.
It was my mother who taught me the little willie poems.
Into the cistern little willie pushed his little sister lily.

We had such a blast reciting them that they have ever been with me and over the years i have collected more.
Clever little willie wee bright eyed blue eyed little fellow.
Little willie by eugene field.

Here are two of the poems.
Merry little margery with her hair all yellow.
Obviously those poems are not written about the same little willie that we know and.

When willie was a little boy no more than five or six right constantly he did annoy.
Willie saw some dynamite didnt understand it quite.
I post them here in her memory.

Published in the june 4 1903 edition of life and credited to the yale review.
Willie is a homicidal little boy who takes great pleasure in murdering members of his family just for fun.
In the spirit of edward gorey ive set aside this little corner for the little willie poems written by harry graham.

Father couldnt find his daughter now we sterilize our water.
Its mighty tough to raise a daughter little willie poems have been popular ever since.

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