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The lines in each poem begin the same way. I pretend my pillow is a big comfortable cloud.

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I Am Poems

More abstractly it could be used to describe a concept in math science or art.

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I am poems examples.
I am poem.
I am intelligent and assistive.
I am a carefree girl who loves horses.

I see the positive things in life.
I am poem overview an i am poem is one written y you and aout you.
I want to ride swiftly over a green meadow.

Students could use this i am poem template to describe themselves.
I wonder why penguins cant fly.
It could also be used to describe any character from a story or from history.

I am i wonder i feel i hear and so forth.
I am intelligent and assistive.
Students were asked to compose poems following the i am poem format revealing in one line who they truly are.

I hear the birds nestled on my roof chirping.
I am the first line of the poem repeated third stanza i understand something that is true i say something you believe in i dream something you dream about i try something you really make an effort about i hope something you actually hope for i am the first line of the poem repeated example i am polite and kind.
I hear the stomping of a hundred mustangs on the desert in arabia.

The poem template could also be used to help teach the parts of speech.
See more ideas about stillness quotes nikita gill and a poem.
Youve created your own poem.

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I want a superior world without war or poverty.
They were also to create a visual collage illustrating what makes up who they are as background for their poem.

I pretend to be an olympic jumper.
Each i am poem contains specific elements in common.
This line is then repeated throughout the poem as they speak of their wishes dreams hopes and fears.

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The i am poem expresses the way you feel what you hope think dream enjoy and so on.
I am a carefree girl who loves horses.

Portrait poem 3 examples.
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Busy tired mother and teacher sister of bill lover of children animals and a happy classroom who feels joy when reading power when riding and sore muscles at days end who needs laughter pets and flowers who gives help love and praise.

I see a horse with golden wings soaring into the sunset.
I wonder if there ever was a horse that could fly.

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