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I know that didnt rhyme the why i wanted it too but heres a stupid but hopefully funny poem about fortnite. This was a daily and i cant believe it you are all incredible thank you for all the tremendous feedback and make sure to read the other mediocre poetry i have if you have time boy fortnite games girls love disappointment cuddle mean ignorance want.

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The tragedy of fortnite poem by fort nightingale.

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Fortnite poems.
The love i couldve had and given.
The music i couldve played.
New streams every monday.

Battle royale is in your mix then this is a video you wont want to miss.
No backseating hints tips telling me what to do or suggestions unless i ask for help.
This poem is dedicated to my mother mary 1947 2018.

The light i wouldve beamed from the knowledge that i have it.
Ranked poetry on fortnite by famous modern poets.
Learn how to write a poem about fortnite and share it.

When we dropped to tilted towers i realized there were no flowers i found a large blue shield about to fight i will never yield we gathered up to fight as one there was no comparable force under the sun then we spotted a treasure chest afar.
Poems about fortnite at the worlds largest poetry site.
Oh fortnite glorious fortnite countless days of me playing over the headset i hear mad friends screaming because i jumped to early i hear them saying they have legendary scars or shields potions.

Weve got 100 rhyming words for fortnite what rhymes with fortnite.
And every other mother listening to the sound of fortnite day night dreamtime and all the hours between.
This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like fortniteuse it for writing poetry composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.

Welcome to my channel.
No self promotion 2.
For i am always mourning the loss of the life i couldve led.

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