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The pattern for a diamante poem focuses on describing one or two topics and looks like this. A diamante pronounced dee uh mahn tay is an unrhymed seven line poem.

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Learn how to write a poem about diamante and share it.

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Famous diamante poems.
There are also many poems written on diamante.
Diamante poems are 7 lines long and follow a set pattern for what is written in each line.
The beginning and ending lines are the shortest while the lines in the middle are longer giving diamante poems a diamond shape.

Authors and writers american diamante writers work hard they write well excel in all that they do and love writing it authors love sharing a great story an excellent novel poets enjoy writing poetry for us all poets write with heart soul mind they put lots of feelings and visions in poetry they pen.
The word diamante is pronounced dee uh mahn tay.
A diamante poem is a poem made of seven lines of words that are arranged in a special diamond like form.

Diamante is an italian word for diamond.
Poems about diamante at the worlds largest poetry site.
A poem of opposites.

It is an italian word meaning diamond this type of poem does not contain rhyming words.
Topic a must be a noun line b.
An antonym diamante and a synonym diamante.

Three interesting ing action verbs.
Diamante is the italian word for diamond so this poetic form is named for this diamond shape.
There are two basic types of diamante poems.

Sunrise and sunset diamante poem by jezebel myschka.
The first and last words have opposite meanings or convey opposite ideas.
Diamante are used on many accessories such as jewelry bags shoes etc.

Diamantes however are poems about opposites.
Ranked poetry on diamante by famous modern poets.
There are two basic types of diamante poems.

Two vivid adjectives that describe topic a line c.
Lets take a look at the two main types of diamante poems.
A diamante has seven lines that follow this sequence.

A diamante poem is a poem that is shaped like a diamond.
These top poems in list format are the best examples of diamante poems written by poetrysoup members pineapple pizza the american diamante style pineapple pizza double american diamante pizza its delicious just have some with lots of mushrooms red green peppers ham add zest add pineapple slices bring to table share with family friends have two slices for you too.

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