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Enheduanna 2285 2250 bce is the worlds first author and was the daughter either literally or figuratively of the great empire builder sargon of akkad 2334 2279 bce. Enheduanna is the first author whose poems are highly politicized in their outrage at the downfall of her fathers imperial command.

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Enheduannas authorship raises the issue of female literacy in ancient mesopotamia.

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Enheduanna poems.
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Her name translates from the akkadian as high priestess of an the god of the sky or heaven though the name an could.
He appointed his brilliant daughter enheduanna to the position of high priestess at the temple of the moon god nanna in the ancient city of ur.

In addition to enheduanna royal wives are known to have commissioned or perhaps composed poetry.
The biblical poem the song of songs comes closest to approximating the passion of enheduannas hymns.
Enheduanna was the daughter of the first king to build an empire sargon.

The highly charged verses which are sensual intimate and highly personal convey her cosmic vision and moral distress at an era which will end with their reign.
Burch enheduanna who may have been the daughter of the famous king saragon the great of akkad is the first ancient writer whose name remains known today.
There are two sources for the poems that follow.

Although there is no doubt that a woman named enheduanna lived and was high priestess at ur some scholars question whether this woman can be considered the author of the hymns bearing her name.
There she presided for forty years over the prestigious temple in ur.
The hypertexts the temple hymns of enheduanna with modern english translations by michael r.

Surviving cuneiform tablets with the hymns are copies from about 500 years after enheduanna lived attesting to the survival of the study of her poems in sumer.
At least 42 perhaps as many as 53 other hymns survive that are attributed to enheduanna including three hymns to the moon god nanna and other temples gods and goddesses.
Enheduannas poems played a role in cementing the syncretism between inanna and the akkadian goddess ishtar.

Below are several poems written by the first known poet enheduanna who was the daughter of sargon i of akkad and a high priestess of the goddess of love and war inanna.
Remarkable en ḫe2 du7 an na or as it is more commonly or should i say easily spelled.
Enheduanna lived between 2285 and 2250 bce a time when sumerian cuneiform was powering through everything full steam ahead.

After more than 4000 years she is still an inspiration to modern writers who compose their poems in enheduannas style.

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